enneagram_colorThe Enneagram is a dynamic map of human personality that reveals how we organize experience and find meaning in our lives. It describes nine distinct patterns of attitude and behavior and reveals the reasons why we think and behave the way we do. Using knowledge of the nine personality styles of the Enneagram can provide a foundation for a better understanding of ourselves as well as how to have healthy relationships by understanding the needs and perspectives of the ones we love.

The Enneagram symbol is a circle with nine points connected in a distinctive pattern of intersecting lines. It is an ancient symbol that describes the path of self-development. Within each Type are healthy, average, and unhealthy patterns, and no one Type is better than any other.

The Enneagram Institute of Ohio offers seminars, master classes, consultation, and personal coaching services to help people use the Enneagram for personal and professional development. We work with individuals and couples who recognize a desire for deeper meaning in their lives as well as people in business settings, healthcare organizations, universities and communities to promote more effective ways of working that are built on a deep understanding of human nature.

How do I figure out my Enneagram Personality type?
Discovering our personality type is an illuminating experience and a major step towards liberating ourselves from our habitual patterns of behavior. One method for discovering your type is looking at the type descriptors below. Another option is to take the questionnaire using the link to the right and read the descriptions of the two or three types which have the highest scores to identify the one you most relate to. We would invite you schedule an appointment with us or attend an workshop for further assistance in understanding your type and the challenges and gifts it has to offer. A third option is to read the Riso/ Hudson Wisdom of the Enneagram book. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.