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Business Applications

Organizations benefit greatly from understanding their clients and employees and improving upon their own leadership resources.  People often assume that everyone thinks the way that they do and then use that lens through which to communicate, lead and manage people.

Personal Coaching

The field of coaching has grown from setting goals and providing accountability to increasing capacity for individual development and awareness. The ability to “catch oneself in the act” of letting personalities run the show is extremely valuable in allowing a

Relationship Counseling

Typically people are attracted to a mate whose Enneagram Personality is different from their own. This way each partner brings qualities that complement and strengthen the other person. However, it may also mean that one partner’s emotional needs are completely

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is also known as spiritual companionship, spiritual guidance, anam cara in Gaelic, and mashpiah in Hebrew. Spiritual Direction is about accompanying people on their spiritual journey in confidential one on one sessions in which the client learns to

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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a dynamic map of human personality that reveals how we organize experience and find meaning in our lives. It describes nine distinct patterns of attitude and behavior and reveals many of the reasons why…

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About the Enneagram Institute of Ohio

The Enneagram Institute of Ohio offers seminars, master classes, consultation, spiritual direction, retreats, and personal coaching services to help people use the Enneagram for personal and professional…