amoeba_kiss_largeThe field of coaching has grown from setting goals and providing accountability to increasing capacity for individual development and awareness. The ability to “catch oneself in the act” of letting personalities run the show is extremely valuable in allowing a person to respond rather than react. It can be very gratifying to learn other people operate in the same way and also that there is a way out. By understanding the motivations for behavior and the many patterns that are habitual, people may be empowered to live to their fullest potential.

The Enneagram is a powerful tool that integrates many different kinds of functioning. This unique map explains not only the “what” and the “how” of personality, but also the “why”. Archetypal patterns provide a foundation of knowledge from which individual attunements may be made. A coach versed in the Enneagram will have an understanding of the client far beyond what gets said and that foundation provides a context from which the client may impact all aspects of his experience.

Using the Enneagram as a source of guidance, the client learns how to notice, name, process and make sense of his world. With increased attention as the starting point, the depth of options for personal growth and transformational possibilities are endless.

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