The Enneagram Institute of Ohio offers seminars, master classes, consultation, spiritual direction, retreats, and personal coaching services to help people use the Enneagram for personal and professional development. We work with individuals and couples who recognize a desire for deeper meaning in their lives as well as people in business settings, and non profit organizations interested in leadership education. The overarching purpose is to promote more effective ways of working that are built on a deep and compassionate understanding of human nature. Our goal is to help people be more self aware and be kind to themselves in the process.

The following organizations and groups are examples of the diversity with which we have offered various types of programming: Children’s Hospital, Jung Association of Central Ohio, Ohio State University, Ohio Health, Covenant Presbyterian Church, First Community Church, Methodist Theological School in Ohio, Northeast Ohio Methodists, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, and Wellstreams School for Spiritual Direction.

Connie Haddad Frecker, L.S.W.

 GM1_1130Connie Haddad Frecker, L.S.W., is Director of The Enneagram Institute of Ohio, a Certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram Teacher, a Certified Personal and Professional Coach, and a Licensed Social Worker.

She loves to work with people who are seekers and passionate about knowing themselves better, and is vitally committed to the integration of the whole person. She enjoys working with a person to uncover their brilliance and fulfill their personal and professional lives with integrity to their values. Connie believes that the more self-aware a person is, the more they will be able to live with presence and authenticity with their true nature. To that end, she works with individuals and couples to evolve personally in order to strengthen the balance in all aspects of their lives.

Workshop participants and clients have offered that she is enthusiastic and passionate about her knowledge of the Enneagram system and has an ability to make confusing material much clearer. Her style is compassionate with humor and honoring of the diversity of people.

She has been a certified coach since 2001 and was a Board Director for the Central Ohio Chapter of the International Coach Federation. She has maintained an active license in Social Work since 1994. Other areas of interest include parenting, spirituality, wellness and learning modalities.

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Lisa Bueche, MA

304Lisa Bueche, earned a Bachelor and Masters degree in psychology with a focus on human growth and potential. Her education in Jungian depth psychology and eastern and western spirituality was combined with the humanistic psychology of Abraham Maslow. Steeped in the Spiritual Practices of both Eastern and Western traditions, Lisa enjoys assisting those struggling with a Higher Power they can relate to. She worked in Virginia as an individual, and family therapist and addictions counselor for 10 years. In 1993 she graduated from the Virginia School of Spiritual Direction, where she was first introduced to the Enneagram. As a certified Riso/Hudson Enneagram Institute teacher, she finds the Enneagram particularly helpful with individuals wanting to be more self aware as well as a tool for communication and understanding between couples, family members, and coworkers. Lisa grew up in Columbus, Ohio and then returned in 1993 to raise her family. She is happily married, with two sons, and finds great joy in assisting others who wish to live more intentionally.

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David Hett, M. Div

Rev. David Hett is Spiritual Director of The Burkhart Center, a new learning community created to assist any individual in navigating their unique journey toward well-being through the nourishment of mind, heart and body. In addition to being a certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram teacher, David is also a Teacher of The Diamond Approach to Inner Realization, a path of self-realization and human maturity based on an original synthesis of modern discoveries in the field of psychology and a new paradigm about spiritual nature.

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Adjunct Faculty

Virginia Macali, JD, MS

2013 Target-cropVirginia Macali, JD, MS founded High Point Transitions in 1995 to support awareness and transformation in individuals and organizations. She is a Certified Integral Coach who is a lawyer and holds a master’s degree in counseling. She blends the spiritual, psychological, and practical to help people advance their inner and outer lives in a balanced way. She has studied the Enneagram for 20 years and has been a student in the Ridhwan School (Diamond Approach) for 12 years.

Virginia uses the enneagram to bring presence, new practices, and perspectives which can increase awareness and shift one’s way of being. She takes an integral approach which includes the whole person, culture, relationships, and environment. She works with clients one-on-one and in groups. She designed and facilitated Coaching Roundtables, The Self-Transforming Journey, Work-Life Balance for Busy People, and other developmental workshops.

As a Certified Integral Coach, Virginia’s expertise includes: integral theory, human development, leadership development, women executives, increasing awareness, presence, and authenticity, wellness and well-being, work-life balance, self-care, resilience and stress management, managing overwhelm, and transition management.

Earlier in her career, Virginia worked in the areas of legislative policy and tax policy. She was a founding member and president of the Central Ohio Chapter of the International Coach Federation.