“I asked Connie and Lisa to design a series of three two-hour programs on the Enneagram to be presented to students preparing for leadership vocations in the Church. My goals were to help students understand the Enneagram as a tool for their own self-understanding, help in interpreting how they function best in leadership, and an aid in understanding group dynamics in a congregation.
From the first set of presentations, it was clear that Connie and Lisa were in complete command of their material. By the second round of presentations, I was pleased to see how they had tailored their presentations to match the background of our students, the broader context of leadership that I was trying to build into the course, and even the fact that the class met late in the evening!”

Henry J. Langknecht
Professor of Homiletics
Trinity Lutheran Seminary


“For four years now I have been attending the monthly Enneagram conferences by Connie Frecker and Lisa Bueche. They are enormously helpful, both for self-discovery and for learning how to understand the behavior and motivations of others. It’s rare to come away from a monthly meeting without new and practical insight into the conduct of life. Lisa and Connie have also presented to my Ohio State second-year students on several occasions–students find their presentations enjoyable and clarifying.”

Christopher Brown, Ph.D OSU


“Just wanted to say how grateful I am to have been able to attend the round of enneagram courses you’ve given. I learned a lot and it was very stimulating and fun.”

Sujoy B.


“Thank you and Connie so much for Saturday’s workshop! It was so well done and personally very helpful to me. I gained some insight into myself and my relationships through your enneagram talk. I’d forgotten what a powerful and transformative tool it is. I’d be interested in your next enneagram workshop. With blessings and gratitude,”

Cathy Davis


“Thank you so much for the awesome seminar, it is all coming together for me now”

Jill N. Social Work student and Sales Manager.